Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shutdown a computer from mobile phone

You'll need the batch files which can be downloaded from Tim Matheson's site. Click

Extract these to your C:\ drive so the path to the shutdown batch file is C:\sms_functions\shutdown.bat

Open up Microsoft Outlook, and if you haven't already, configure it to your e-mail. Go into Tools -> Options, click the Mail Setup tab, then click the Send/Receive button. The Schedule an automatic send/receive every... box should be checked and the number of minutes you want it to delay before the shutdown, about 1 minute is recommended.

Next go into Tools -> Rules and Alerts, click on the options button in the upper right hand corner and click on Import Rules

Select the 'shutdown.rwz file that was found in the zip file named sms_functions you downloaded earlier.

AT LAST when you send a message from your phone to your e-mail address with the subject 'smshutdown%%' your computer will shutdown after the specified delay time.

P.s you can also make your own rule, so that you can use your own batch file and can choose your own phrase as the trigger.