Old Facebook Chat

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To Get the Old Facebook Chat you must Finish The 2 Steps Below!

Remember: YOU MUST!

Step 1 - Copy the text bellow and paste it to 3 different pages on facebook, pages about Betting noramly.

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Step 2 - Like and share our facebook fan page


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More information about the plugin:

Works on Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera 

If you're using Mozilla, you'll need greacemonkey plugin !
Script Summary: Gets rid of the new Facebook sidebar replacing it with one like the original.
Version: 2.2.2
License: GPL3+ (

What has changed in Version 2.2?

Version 2.2 is a complete rewrite of the script to use native Facebook functions where possible. What does this mean? Basically it means the entire script should be less buggy and easier to maintain into the future. It also means...

Friend List (Group) Support!

Just like the original Facebook chat, the chat bar will now group your friends into their respective friends lists as well as let you edit these lists or toggle them on/off.
I make no promises to keep this up to date as Facebook changes in the future, though I am doing my very best to resolve all bugs and maintain this script.

Browser Support:

  • Full support for Last version of Firefox , Google Chrome & Opera (Earlier versions may be compatible, these are the browsers used for testing)
  • No support currently for Safari and Internet Explorer