Sunday, October 2, 2011

Output Dos Command to File

This is a small trick that many Dos users might already know. The trick just shows you how to run a Dos command and instead of displaying the outputs on the screen, it saves the outputs into a file.

This trick is very helpful when you want to save the result of a dos command to a file to email it or read/print it later. For example, you can print out your network configuration data and email it to a technical support.

Here's how

simply put a ">" and the destination file at the end of the dos command. Examples:

This command outputs the IP configurations to the file "ipdata.txt" in "C" drive:
ipconfig /all > C:\ipdata.txt

This command outputs the "Path" configurations to the file "pathdata.txt" in the floppy drive "A":
path > A:\pathdata.txt

This command outputs help text of the command "copy" to the file "copyhelp.txt" in "C" drive:
copy /? > C:\copyhelp.txt

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